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GE showcases smart home concepts at Los Angeles tradeshow

GE showcases smart home concepts at Los Angeles tradeshow

GE showcases smart home concepts at Los Angeles tradeshow

by evajoy.ati@hotmail.comSeptember 1, 2014


Home automation and smart home products are gaining more popularity these days. Smart kitchens among many other concepts, has become such an enticing dream for most modern housewives, leveraging machine-to-machine communications and machine intelligence in preparing, cooking and cleaning up the house or kitchen. This smart kitchen of the future, which is mostly based on today’s existing technologies, is one of the key improvements discussed during the Dwell on Design trade show in L.A.

General Electric, an American multinational corporation headquartered in Connecticut, presented the Smart Kitchen of 2025 concept and explained how the company envisions smart homes in the future, including the appliances that should be inside these homes. GE predicts that these smart appliances will include smart faucets with integrated hydration sensors. These sensors will provide the users hydration level information when a finger is placed on it. The company also visualized an in-sink dishwasher with built-in sensors that help detect contaminants like chemicals and bacteria.

However, moving past GE’s visions of the future’s smart homes, today’s leading provider of home appliances has unveiled its latest connected appliance, a connected french door wall oven that was released under GE Monogram, the company’s luxury product brand. According to GE, the French door wall oven, which is the first of its kind, can be controlled by a smartphone, which enables users to have precise control over its functions. A housewife can start and stop the oven or change oven temperature, while doing the laundry. GE also announced the product’s new design, ideal for kitchens with smaller spaces. Its door also opens in the middle instead of the top, allowing users to stand closer to it while putting items into and out of the oven, without worries of getting too close to a hot door surface. The Monogram French door wall oven will be made available next year, and is the latest in the line of GE’s smartphone enabled devices that promise a smarter, more efficient home for tomorrow.

Of course, GE is not the only one which envisions the smart homes of the future. However, the general idea is to make everything seem so easy, convenient and efficiently done. This is what actually sells to consumers. At this early stage of adoption, interoperability, inter-connectivity and security are still prevalent issues that the smart home appliance manufacturers, developers and designers need to consider and resolve, apart from the efforts of Apple, Thread Group and the UK Tech Consortium.

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