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GCU and Stream to develop smart wireless sensors

GCU and Stream to develop smart wireless sensors

GCU and Stream to develop smart wireless sensors

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) and communications technology company Stream Technologies are collaborating on research to develop a self-powering sensor interface for low power radio devices, such as environmental and power sensors, eliminating the need to charge batteries.

Glasgow-based company Stream Technologies specialises in software management for pre-designed connectivity networks but sees a new business opportunity for a Radio-Frequency Identification (RF) energy harvesting solution for implementation in low power wireless sensors.

The ability to harvest RF energy enables wireless charging of low-power devices and has resulting benefits for product design, usability and reliability.

Stream Technologies aims to capitalise on the explosive growth of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), the interconnected network of devices embedded with smart electronics, software and sensors enabling advanced applications.

The company aims to create self-powering sensors that draw energy from the low power radio network they are deployed on.

Stream Technologies has called on the expertise of GCU’s Dr Hadi Larijani and Dr Ali Ahmadinia in embedded electronics, RF energy harvesting, low power radio network and sensors, to oversee a 24-month Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is Europe’s leading programme helping business to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within universities. Stream Technologies will embed a KTP Associate into the business, overseen by Dr Larijani and Dr Ahmadinia.

A low power wireless sensor network will be established on site at GCU and Stream Technologies for reliable test measurements of equivalent indoor performance. The smart sensor interface with RF harvesting will have embedded intelligence to send data when required to the network.

The knowledge developed from the research will also benefit Stream Technologies in future network developments.

GCU’s Dr Larijani said: “We are very proud to be working with Stream Technologies, which has been at the forefront of this technology well in advance of the current trend. This project brings together the strengths of GCU in intelligent sensors and Stream Technologies in IoT infrastructure, which will generate new opportunities and applications.”

Stream Technologies Chief Executive Officer Nigel Chadwick said: “Stream is very much looking forward to working with GCU on this project. The world of IoT is accelerating fast and a project such as this fits with the evolution perfectly. GCU has a fantastic skill set that complements those within the team at Stream. It is fantastic to be participating in a KTP project as joint partner with GCU.”

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Since start up in 2000, Stream has remained at the forefront of development of innovative technology focused on cellular, satellite and LPRN based network connectivity specifically for M2M and IoT. Agnostic, API/open, global and next generation, Streams proprietary IoT-X connectivity management platform fuses monitoring, management and billing on a single platform with super resilient backhaul infrastructure, to provide a ‘virtual state of network’ representation. This flexibility and light technical solution is suitable for MNO/Carriers anywhere in the world seeking a platform that enables them to introduce leading edge and best of breed M2M services into their home market, thus gaining an immediate competitive advantage. Stream is privately owned, based in Canary Wharf – London, with a presence in Vancouver, New York, San Jose and Singapore.