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Animal Tracking Device From FindMySheep Uses Globalstar’s Chipset

Animal Tracking Device From FindMySheep Uses Globalstar’s Chipset

Animal Tracking Device From FindMySheep Uses Globalstar’s Chipset

by evajoy.ati@hotmail.comJuly 29, 2014

animal-tracking-230x155Not many people know that the farming industry has advanced rapidly in the last twenty something years, and it is one of the industries that used and deployed animal tracking devices for livestock way before pet care devices and wearables became a market craze. As the industry evolved, new machinery and equipment are now being used to make tending of land easier and faster, which has increased productivity in the farmlands. However, satellite-based tracking of livestock has been considered as one of the very useful technologies in this industry

GPS or satellite-based tracking actually not a new science. It has been widely used for livestock management and monitoring. However, with recent advances in machine-to-machine technology, telematics, pet wearable technology and other verticals, animal tracking has again created quite a buzz. According to IDTechEx research on Wearable Technology for Animals 2015-2025: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts, Dog collar for various purposes are the most popular forms of animal wearable electronics all over the world today. However, according to the same report, “In 2025, livestock tagging will still be the most popular, but it will much more often involve diagnostics. Indeed, medical diagnostic tagging of livestock, pets and endangered species will become commonplace.”

FindMySheep AS, an M2M animal tracking company based in Norway, has developed, manufactured and tested satellite-based animal tracking devices on sheep since 2009, and has recently announced that they have integrated and activated 12,000 Global STXII network chipset on 12,000 M2M animal tracking collars for sheep and cattle mainly in Norway. They have tested the products through 1350 unite spread over 15 users in Mid-Norway. The firm has also been involved in collar trials where they had monitored cattle in Brazil and some endangered species in North Africa. FindMySheep AS said, “The testing has been essential to arrive at a reliable, dependable and effective product.”

The animal tracking firm chose Globalstar’s M2M STXII chipset for for a few reasons: its size, ruggedness, good battery life, ease of integration and competitive price point. FindMySheep is also trying out Globalstar’s new STXIII chipset, which is smaller than the older version, and plans to migrate to the new chipset for sleeker design. Plans are to be carried out in time for 2015′s grazing period. The tracking collars use Globalstars satellite network to geo-fence livestock, which helps farmers find animals that are close to the edge or have escaped. It also enables farmers to take a more knowledgeable and proactive approach in herding to avoid losing them to predators.

FindMySheep’s founder, Halvor Mjoen said, “With each animal worth hundreds or even thousands of Euros, losing livestock to predators, or through illness, not only affects that year’s revenue, but can also have a profound impact on the quality of a farmer’s breeding foundation for years to come,”

Hundreds of livestock can go missing in a year. Because of this, the Norwegian government took part and partly funded an initiative that tracks livestock, to help them understand the causes of such disappearances and prevent foul play. This initiative enabled FindMySheep AS to develop their animal tracking collar with the use of Globalstar’s chipset. The collar also comes with a back-office application that visualizes the animal’s whereabouts at any time of day. Farmers who have deployed the collars to their livestock have already seen a substantial decrease in the number of animals lost to illness or predatory animals, which positively impacted their income.

Mjoen added, “Globalstar’s simplex transmitters and unrivaled satellite network make it possible to offer farmers an affordable and reliable livestock tracking solution that makes it easy to keep tabs on their animals during the grazing season in areas where there is little or no cellphone coverage.”

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